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Stanley Gibbons
Face Value Description Year
313 291EUL 4d Queen Elizabeth II., carmin, impr. bodem left 1959
321p 311y 1Sh2d Thylacine, deep purlpe, phos. Paper 1965
327a 313b 5Sh Aboriginal Stockman, white paper 1964
357 333 7Sh6d James Cook 1964
358 334a 10Sh Matthew Flinders, brown-purple 1964
359 335a George Bass, reddisch violet 1964
359a 335b George Bass, reddisch violet, White paper 1964
360 336 Philip Parker King, sepia 1964
362 338 2Sh3d Commenwealth cable 1963
363p 339y 6d Yellow-tailed Thornbill, phos. Paper 1964
364p 340y 9d Black-backed Magpie, phos. Paper 1964
365y 341y 1Sh6d Galah, phos. Paper 1964
367a 343xb 2Sh5d Blue Wren, ordinary paper 1965
375 351 2Sh3d 50th Anniv of Gallipoli Landing, reddish purple 1965
401c 377C Matthew Flinders, brown-purple, perf. 14 ¾x14 1973
404 380 3c Queen Elizabeth II., imperforate right and left 1966
414 392EUL 5c Queen Elizabeth II., 5d on 4d, imperforate bodem and left 1967
414 392EUR 5c Queen Elizabeth II., 5d on 4d, imperforate bodem and right 1967
426 404 5c Intern. Soil Scince Congress 1968

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