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Here you can find the wantslists. They are sorted by continent and country. Klick here for a summary.



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Michel Unitrade Face Value Description Year
1x 8 ½p Queen Victoria, rose 1857
1y 8a ½p Queen Victoria, rose, horizontally ribbed paper 1857
1z 8b ½p Queen Victoria, rose, vertically ribbed paper 1857
2w 1 3p Beaver 1851
2x 4 3p Beaver 1852
2y 4d 3p Beaver, thin paper 185
2z 4c 3p Beaver, ribbed 1852
3aw 2 6p HRH Prince Albert, vertically ribbed paper 1851
3ax 2 6p HRH Prince Albert, normal paper 1852
3az 2 6p HRH Prince Albert, thick paper 1851
3bw 2b 6p HRH Prince Albert, greyish purple, vertically ribbed paper 1851
3bx 2b 6p HRH Prince Albert, greyish purple, normal paper 1851
3bz 10 6p HRH Prince Albert, reddisch purple, fibrous soft paper 1857
4 9 7½p Queen Victoria, green 1857
5x 7a 10p Jacques Cartier, normal paper 1857
5y 7 10p Jacques Cartier, transparent paper 1855
6x 3 12p Queen Victoria, black, vertically ribbed paper 1851
6y 3 12p Queen Victoria, black, normal paper 1851
7a 11 ½p Queen Victoria, rose 1858
7b 11 ½p Queen Victoria, lilac rose 1858
8 12 3p Beaver, red 1859
9a 13a 6p HRH Prince Albert, grey violet 1859
9b 13 6p HRH Prince Albert, brown violet 1859
11 20 2c First Cents Issue, Queen Victoria, rose 1864
13a 17 10c HRH Prince Albert, red lilac 1864
13b 17a 10c HRH Prince Albert, violet 1864
13c 17b 10c HRH Prince Albert, brown 1864
13d 16 10c HRH Prince Albert, black brown 1864
15b 19a 17c Jacques Cartier, slate blue 1864
15c 19 17c Jacques Cartier, blue 1864

Category : - North America-Canada-Colonies


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