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Welcome to Leonhardt

Our whole family collects stamps: Corinna and Joachim Leonhardt and our son Philipp. With our collecting interests we stand rather alone at our end of Germany – most people in our region collect Germany, and the neighboring countries of Switzerland, Austria and France. – We are pretty active in our club in Breisach (which is a sub-section of the Stamp Collectors Club in Freiburg), as well as the APNE (Association Philatélique de Neuf-Brisach et Environs, France) and Colmar, France where we show our collections.
Philipp collects trains on stamps, especially the modern, fast trains such as ICE, TGV, Thalys, Shinkansen and the Euroshuttle. Since his early youth he has been a member of the international group of stamp collectors specializing in stamps showing railways and related topics. Recently he started a collection of Cyprus during British rule.
Corinna looks after her collections of Thailand and Malaysia, and she usually handles all the “services” such as cutting out stamps, soaking off, sorting and is responsible for the correspondence with our international exchange partners. At present she is putting together a small thematic collection on comic-strips, especially Spirou, Marsupilami and Asterix.
Via this website we hope to find new exchange partners, to exchange opinions and also to fill gaps in our stamp collections. We collect the following countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Switzerland, Austria (until 2010), Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain plus Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (used only). Of course we also collect Germany, as well as covers of modern private mail services.
We can offer Germany from 1960 until today ( used), plus many mint stamps of the pre-Euro period; East Germany or Berlin (mainly used only). We prefer to exchange by wants lists, which for some countries are still rather long. We can exchange by catalogue value (Michel) or agree on other options.

Here you can find the wantslists. They are sorted by continent and country. Klick here for a summary.






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North America|Canada

North America|Canada|Colonies

South America|British Guiana

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